The Fordham IT University Information Security Office (UISO) is partnering with Identity Finder to present a Lunch and Learn on “Data Leakage Prevention and Sensitive Information Protection

Does sensitive data exist on your computer?
Do you know what kind of sensitive data you have?
Do you have passwords, a social security number, credit cards?
Do you have access to student or employee data?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you might want to sign up to attend the event to learn what you need to know to protect yourself.

When:  June 16th, 12pm-2pm
Where:  RH, O’Keefe Commons of O’Hare Hall

To reserve your seat or for more information, please email [email protected] by 6/13/11

The UISO will also be available afterwards to discuss these issues and any other other IT security or risk topics.

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Keynote presentation

Thank you to all the faculty who were able to attend our annual Faculty Technology day this year!

For those of you who were unable to attend, please click here for a PDF with notes and resources from the day.

In addition to the keynote presentation and breakout sessions throughout the day, Directors Silvio Balzano (IT Risk and Data Integrity) and Shannon Ortiz (IT Security) gave a short IT Security Update:  click here for a PDF of the slides used in IT Security presentation.

Please save the date!

The Faculty Forum on Teaching and Technology is an informal, monthly gathering with short presentations by faculty on tools for research and teaching along with open discussion.   Faculty Forum on Teaching and Technology will be meeting next year on the following dates:

Thursday, September 29th Tuesday, October 25th
Tuesday, November 29th Tuesday, December 20th
Thursday, January 26th Wednesday, February 29th
Tuesday, March 27th Thursday, April 25th
Wednesday, May 23th

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Along with recently updating our website, we have just launched our Facebook page:
Please take a minute to login to Facebook and “like” us!

(please note, in order to properly see our Facebook feed on our website, you will need to be logged into Facebook first)

Join us on Facebook!

This is your chance to get more involved and participate in the discussion about using technology in the classroom.  We will be posting interesting links and information for you much more frequently than on our blog.  We would like to hear from you, it’s easy to do-  just use the “like” button when you like our post or leave a comment on our wall.

For those of you who do not use Facebook, please feel free to ask us more about it.  Our page is public so you will not be required to create an account to view our page.  If you feel more comfortable leaving comments in a “closed” group setting, visit our Faculty Forum on Teaching and Technology group also on Facebook or simply email us at:  [email protected]

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WebAppMatrix is a free app that you can use to browse for new apps in a fun and creative way.

Apps fall from the top of the screen as fast or slow as you choose by clicking the “settings” icon (the little gear wheel underneath the “i” on the lower right side of the screen.  You can also modify the color scheme of the apps as well as filter apps by “paid”, “free”, or “iPad only”.

To find out what the app does, simply touch the app image on the screen and a description will show up on the bottom of the screen along with a link to the app in the Apple App store.

~Kristen T

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Web is a free iPad app that allows you to access, manage, and share your files using a sleek, simple interface.

It offers a two-paned design, allowing users to simultaneously see their documents as well as the 100ipadapps-3file browser.  You upload files through the website and then view them on the iPad.  The files are not saved onto the iPad unless you choose to save them.

The iPad application offers a lot of functionality as you can view updates, add comments, and share files, as well as preview files in all formats supported by the iPad, including Word files, Excel files, and PDFs. When working in a group with people in different locations, this service is very helpful.

If you don’t already have a Box account, you can sign up for a free account directly within the app.


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The Faculty Forum on Teaching and Technology is an informal, monthly gathering. There will be short presentations by faculty on tools for research and teaching followed by open discussion of new trends for the new year, and topics of interest for future gatherings.

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Bookman is a PDF/comic reader for the Ipad. It has a bookshelf interface like the iBooks app which displays the front page of your pdf or comic as well as organizing all of your books. The actual interface is smooth as you can either tap or slide your to go forward and back. One really great feature is how fast it loads up. The screen rotates from portrait to landscape depending on the readers preference.

Here are some of the featuresbookman_icon_512_alpha1

Browse PDF and Comics
Page navigator with large thumbnails
Various browsing modes (single page, double pages, zooming)
Bookshelf function (file and folder organization)
Move, delete and rename files
Customize direction of page turn (right-to-left / left-to-right)
Resume last page
File transfer by iTunes and FTP
Customize tap zones
Customize page turn effect
Screen brightness control
Open a file in other applications
Import e-mail attachment

As a free app, it is a good, stable program with a smooth interface and a quick learning curve.


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My iPad app of the week is Dropbox.

As someone who works with multiple computers throughout the day, Dropbox is one of the applications I use on a habitual basis to access the files I regularly use.  Dropbox is a free app that lets you synchronize all your files online and across all your computers, whether they are running Windows, Mac or Linux.

Dropbox can be used on your mobile devices.  If you have an iPad, iPhone, or Android mobile device, Dropbox applications are available for free.  To install Dropbox on your mobile device, visit:  For iPad just visit the App Store, search for Dropbox, and download the free App.

A free account with Dropbox gives you 2GBs of storage.  However, if you need more space, you can invite someone to Dropbox and you will gain an additional 250MBs, or you may upgrade with a service plan up to 100GBs.  I use the free account, and find that the 2GB limit is sufficient for most.


To use Dropbox seamlessly on all of your computers, you will need to install the Dropbox client on each computer you want to have it.  If you are new to Dropbox, then you will create a Dropbox account during the initial install. Otherwise, you can enter your previously made Dropbox account information to synchronize files to your existing account. Upon successful completion, the program will then create a Dropbox folder on your computer.  Any folders and files created or saved within this Dropbox folder will be synced online and across any other computers linked to your account.  You may also upload files online via:  Online, you can access your files globally by downloading and uploading.

Dropbox has been most convenient with the use of my iPad.  I have been able to access the files I have added to my Dropbox account easily.   Within the Dropbox App I am able to e-mail the files I have stored there, as well as view them in a Read Only view.  You may however edit the files on the iPad by holding down on the file and selecting to “Open In..” another application ( a list of Applications that can open the file will be listed, ones that you may have previously installed on the iPad).

If you don’t have an iPad, Dropbox works just as effectively on your PC or Mac.


Click “Read the rest of this entry” below for Kristen’s iPad app of the week: TED mobile

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My iPad app of the week is Simplenote. It’s an incredibly clean and user-friendly way to take notes, make lists, or just jot down thoughts and ideas. It has been the most beneficial for me in meetings or brainstorm sessions where words are flying around a room and I need to put them to paper for future reference. It has been a great productivity tool for me, and I definitely recommend it.

To create a new note, tap the + sign. The trashbin icon can be tapped to delete the note; the arrow icon to email, publish, or share the note; the clock to revert back to previous versions of the note; and the i to get a word and character count of the note.

More than that are ten noteworthy (pardon the pun) reasons to get Simplenote written by the app developers themselves:

  1. Access your notes everywhere. Your notes synchronize with your device, your computer, and any modern web browser. It’s automatic and secure.
  2. Sharing and publishing. Keep a shared grocery list with your family or housemates. Or publish some notes from your class or meeting.
  3. Go back in time. You can access multiple backups of your notes. Just drag the version slider to go back in time.
  4. Organize using tags and pins. Apply tags to your notes so you can browse them as folders, or pin important notes to the top of your list.
  5. Instantly search your notes. Type whatever you’re looking for, and your list updates instantly. You’ll never misplace an important thought again.
  6. Enjoy plenty of space. There’s lots of free storage for your notes.
  7. Use a growing variety of extras. Simplenote is an open platform. People are building lots of cool things you can use to extend your experience.
  8. Excellent ads. We’ve partnered with the amazing Fusion Network to bring you minimal, relevant ads that don’t suck. Premium subscribers have the option to disable them.
  9. Secure transfers. Your notes are encrypted when they synchronize. Don’t settle for anything less.
  10. It’s free! Completely.

As an alternative to Simplenote for the iPad/iPhone-free individuals out there, you can use any of the Windows/Mac OSX downloads offered on the site (I use DashNote and love it) that sync to your Simplenote online account. You can also use a similar but non-affiliated Software called EverNote (available for iPad/iPhone), which has the same capabilities and works on mobile devices, internet browsers, and your desktop.

Read our ITAC review of EverNote.

Note: The app doesn’t require network connectivity to create or save notes, but it will require it when you want email, publish, or share your notes or sync them to your online account.

— Kristen C

For iPad users that don’t have a 3G connection and need to rely on Wi-Fi, this app is for you!  Click “Read the Rest of this entry” to find out more…

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There’s been a lot of buzz lately about iPads… if you’re one of the millions of new users, you are probably wondering what apps to download and if you’re one of the millions of non-iPad users, you are probably wondering what all the fuss is about…

In our new Monday feature, the staff at the FTC will be sharing their favorite free iPad app of the week.

With so many great apps to choose from, it was difficult picking only one, but my pick of the week is the Dragon Dictation App.  Simply double tap the screen and record your audio to get a file of your transcription that you can then SMS, email, or copy/paste from into another application.DragonIcon

This app is great if you are a slow typer or need to go hands free.  It does a very good job transcribing your voice, but you will get better results if you speak very clearly in a room without a lot of background noise.

While there’s no other free service available quite like Dragon Dictation on the web, I would like to mention that Google offers free voice mail speech-to-text transcription with Google Voice.  I have been using Google Voice for several months now and love the convenience of being able to not only quickly read my voice mails but also block annoying telemarketers from calling back.

For more information on Google Voice, check out their video on YouTube or read Lifehacker’s article on whether or not Google Voice is for you.

Note:  The app requires network connectivity (3g or wifi) and requires you to sign an end user license agreement.  Read more about the dragon dictation app at iTunes.


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